Northern High School Poetic Justice Program

Poetic Justice is a ten-week,  after school program that meets twice a week for two hours each day. The students have been recruited from the Northern community because of their interest in poetry, writing, and music. I invite people from my classes that I know are writing poetry already, people from the creative writing class, and other students I hear about. One way to find people is to go to lunch and see if there are any cypher groups spitting poetry. Other students just show up because they heard about our poetry club.

During Poetic Justice, the spoken word poetry club is absorbed into the group. The club members  do not have to try for the English elective credit unless they want to; however the English elective credit is a strong selling feature for our Poetic Justice program. In 2012, there were four seniors who graduated because they earned the Poetic Justice credit and there were five in 2013.

Here is the link to Northern’s YouTube Page  if you would like to our students’ poetry:


One of our students, Gia Smith, who is holding the poster, created this piece of art to thank Kane and Starr for their work at Northern High School this year. It is now on display in the Sacrificial Poets’ office and is signed by all of the class members.


Graduation 2012


Because of her work with slam poetry and winning a spot on the SAC Po Youth Team, Kamaya was interviewed by a Chapelboro reporter.

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